Chair Poses

Extra Gentle Yoga Chair Poses


Even Count Breathing.

Relax, think only of this moment; check the body for tension.

(Inhale for seven, hold for seven, exhale for seven)

Alternate Breathing

Begin by using the right hand, bring the index and middle finger into the palm. Extend the thumb and ring and little fingers. The thumb will be next to the right nostril and the ring and little fingers at the left nostril.

1. Close the right nostril with the thumb and inhale through the left to a count of 8.

2. Close off both nostrils, and hold the breath to a count of 8;

3. Lift the thumb off the right nostril and exhale (through the right) to a count of 8, and then inhale through the right nostril.

4. Close both nostrils, and hold the breath to a count of 8

5. Lift the ring finger off the left nostril and exhale (through the left) to a count of 8. and then inhale through the left nostril to a count of eight.

6. Proceed to step 2

Repeat six times. If 8 is too long of a count (or too short), use whatever count works for you. Do not strain.

Circle of Joy

With palms together in front of the heart, send energy to the heart and think of the qualities of divine love, compassion, friendship, devotion. Interlace your fingers, inhale.

Exhale as you extend your arms out in front.

Inhale as you raise your arms above your head.

Exhale as you release your arms down to the sides.

Bring the arms together behind the back; interlace fingers, lengthen and raise.

Release the hands, bring them to your heart, and repeat routine again.

Sit up straight, and with hands extended, grab hold of each side of the chair.

Feet and Ankles

Lift the left leg slightly and rotate the ankle slowly. Visualize bring healing energy as you move. Lift the right leg and repeat.

Bend the left knee so the top of the toes are under the chair and with slight pressure stretch the toes. Repeat for left foot.

Lift up onto the left toes until you can feel the left calf muscle stretch. Repeat for right foot.

Lift toes in the air with the heel touching the floor. Repeat for right foot.

Bring the toes together and the heels apart. Bring the heels together and the toes apart.


Extend the left leg. If comfortable lift the thigh up off the chair. Repeat for right leg.

Do a bicycle motion with the left leg. Make sure you move the hip and knee joint fully and comfortably. Repeat with right leg.

Place the fists under the knee and swing the foot back and forth. Visualize healing energy into the left knee joint. Repeat for right knee.

Place the left foot, if comfortable, on the right thigh. While relaxing the left hip, lift the right heel off the ground. Repeat for right side.

Spinal Twist

Place the right hand on the left thigh, and on the inhalation, lengthen your spine, on the exhalation, gently begin to rotate your torso to your left, rotating only in your lumbar spine, (move the navel). Continue gradually, over the course of a number of breaths to inhale and lengthen, exhale and rotate. Move the twist progressively up your spine, finishing with your neck. Keep the shoulders level and relaxed. Hold this position. To exit, inhale and lengthen your spine, then begin to rotate back to neutral on the exhalation.

Forward Bend

Moving the hands to the thighs, place the heels of the hands by the hips. With a lengthened straight spine (keeping the natural curves), exhale, bend forward, leading with the heart, only as far as you can keep a straight spine. When you reach your deepest forward bend, inhale and lengthen your spine for the last time, then exhale and release your neck and head. Keep a straight spine for a few minutes and than release the energy from the muscles. If your back causes you any problems, keep the hands or arms on the thighs when you completely relax. If you feel comfortable you can release your hands and head toward the floor. To exit the pose, slowly bring your hands back to your thighs, and raise back up with the help of the arms.


1. Slowly move your left shoulder joint in a circular manner. Try to fully rotate it both clockwise and counter clockwise. Repeat for right shoulder.

2. Extend the arms out the sides, relax the shoulders and then let the forearms/hands bend downward at the elbows. Extend the arms to the sides and slowly rotate them. Bend the forearms/hands upward at the elbows. Bring the Elbows together and hold. Spread the elbows apart, putting the fingers on the shoulders and lift the elbows up. Extend the arms out to the sides again with the thumb pointing up. Begin to rotate slowly, until the thumbs are pointed down, and then continue to rotate comfortably until you cannot rotate further. Rotate the arms similarly in the opposite direction.

3. Using a tie, hold it in a wide position. Lift the arms up over the head and then down behind the back.

4. Holding the tie in a narrow position lift the arms upward and stretch.

5. Bend your left arm 90 degrees and bring your arm up in front of you, the forearm vertical at the midline of the body. Holding a tie over your left thumb, wrap your right arm underneath and around your left arm, with the inside of your right elbow under your left elbow. Grab hold of the tie with both hands. Repeat with your right arm.


Keeping the spine straight, lower you head toward your chest, relaxing your neck. Raising your head back to vertical, bring your hands behind your head. Look upwards slightly, elbows apart, and then lower your head toward your chest using the weight of your hands but no pressure. Release your hands and return to neutral.

Bring the left ear toward the left shoulder, then the right ear toward the right shoulder.

Do small relaxed circles with the head, avoiding tilting the head backwards.