Energization Exercises

Energization Exercises (Partial)


Double Breathing (with palms touching)

With your arms straight out to your sides at shoulder level, exhale with a double breath, bend your knees slightly and bring your arms to the front until your palms touch. With a double inhalation, bring your arms back out, straighten your legs and tense the entire body in a wave. Relax the body down in a wave in reverse order with a double exhalation.

Calf Recharging

Balance on your right foot with your left knee bent slightly. Then slowly lift your leg up, bending at the knee, while tensing your calf muscle (as if you were pulling your leg up against a weight). Briefly relax the tension at the top, and then push your foot back down, tensing the calf again. Do this three time with your left leg. Then, still on the left side, lightly tense your ankle and rotate it in a small circles, three times.

Balance on your right foot and repeat with the right calf.

Calf -Forearm/ Thigh- Upper Arm

Place your left foot forward, with most of your weight on the right foot. Tense your left calf and left forearm together, with low, medium, and then high tension. Relax. Then tense your left thigh and upper arm together. Do this sequence three times on the left, then three times on the right. Then with your weight on both legs equally, tense both calves and both forearms simultaneously. Relax, and tense both thighs and both upper arms. Do this sequence three times, also.

Chest and Buttock Recharging

Tense the left buttock muscles and left chest muscles together. Relax, then repeat on the right side. Alternating left and right sides, do this sequence three times.

Back Recharging

Tense and recharge your lower left back muscles (just at the waist), relax then repeat on the right. Alternate sides, tensing and relaxing three times. Then do the same with your middle back muscles (the area around the shoulder blades). Finish with your upper back muscles (across the shoulders just below your neck).

Shoulder Rotation

With your fingers resting on your shoulders, rotate your arms and shoulders in large circles with tension. (Be sure to move your shoulders, not just your arms.) Do this three times forward and three time in reverse.

Throat Recharging

Tense, recharge, and then relax your whole throat and front of the neck three times. Then, alternate tensing the left side of your neck, relaxing, and then tensing the right side, and relaxing.

Do this three times on each side.

Neck Recharging

Slowly relax and lower your head until your chin touches or is near your chest. Don’t let the head snap down too hard. The movement should be gradual. Then pull your head up slowly against tension in the neck. Inhale with a double breath as you lower your chin gently to your chest.

Neck Rotation

Rotate your head with medium tension in your neck, three times in one direction and then three times in the other direction. Repeat the same exercise with no tension in the neck, three times each way. Caution: be careful; don’t grind the neck. If you have neck injuries you may want to lift your shoulders up to make this exercise more comfortable for you.

Spinal Recharging

Twist the upper body, shoulders, and arms in one direction while you twist your hips and lower body in the opposite direction. Your feet should be slightly apart and stationary, your elbows slightly bent and your fist positioned about hip level, and head pointed forward. This should be a brisk motion. Alternate twisting to the left and right several times.

Spinal Rotation

Start with your feet slightly apart and your hands on your waist. Bend forward from your waist and arch your back slightly. With low tension in your lower back and with your hips stationary rotate your trunk in medium circles. Do this three times in one direction, then three in the other, relaxing momentarily in between.

Spinal Stretching (bending from side to side)

With your hands still on your hips and your feet slightly apart, with tension along the spine, slowly bend your upper body to the left, and then to the right. Keep your lower body stationary, and your head in a straight line with the spine. Move only from the waist upward.

Spinal Adjustment

Bend slightly forward with your fists pressing firmly on the muscles located on each side of the spine. Start at the base of the spine and as you press in, arch your spine and draw your head and upper body back. Repeat several times, working up the spine. Caution: Do not snap your back in a violent motion, rather feel the steady pressure of the fists on the back pushing you forward.

Upper Spinal Twisting

With your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height, your feet slightly apart, keeping your hips stationary, swing your upper body and arms laterally parallel to the floor (with tension in your arm). As you twist to the right, bring the left hand to the chest and vice-versa. The eyes follow the outstretched arm. Do this three times each way alternating.

Skull Tapping /Memory Exercise

Briskly rap your skull and forehead all over with your knuckles to stimulate the energy in the brain. Visualize all your brain cells being awakened with cosmic energy.

Scalp Massage

Press your fingertips firmly on your head, and massage the scalp forwards and backwards, left and right. Rotate in one direction and then in the other direction. Move your scalp, don’t merely “rub” the head. Push down with your fingers hard enough to feel the skin moving. Then move the fingers on the head to another position. Continue until you’ve massaged the whole scalp.

Medulla Massage/ Medulla Memory Exercise

With the first three fingers of each hand, press in at your medulla (the depression at the base of the skull). Rotate in small circles three times one direction and three times the other direction. Bring your head slowly back against the pressure of your fingers. Then gently press your head to your chest. Do this sequence three times. Optional double breathing: Inhale when you bring the head back and exhale when you bring the head forward.

Biceps Recharging

With your hands clasped above your head, or on your head, tense and relax your left biceps muscles, the muscles in your left upper arm. Then do the right side. Alternate doing each side three times.

End exercises by tensing the whole body three times.